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16 Apr, 2017 - 12:39 pm

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Hi, I adopted 2 cats a couple of years ago from an old lady who died and left 13 cats. I took the youngest , Rocky (3 years, now 5) who I was encouraged to adopt and I took the oldest, Babe, (13 now 15) because she was just so lovely had a gammy leg and I thought she had little chance of adoption.

Babe has turned out to be the most beautiful cat and I don't regret adopting her one bit even with a few little health problems she came with but Rocky is a different story.

He is huge and pushes his weight around not to be aggressive but to demand attention, he meows constantly, destroys furniture, paws at a furious pace whenever he is trying to settle and insists on pawing on me, on my pillow and as close to Babe as he can get, if she wants a cuddle he jumps on top to get one too he cant stand being left out.

He is an anxious and restless cat and sad at times. I live in the bush so he is confined to an outside enclosure when not indoors. I am about to move and for several months I will be living in a flat. I have thought of re-homing Rocky but it's a difficult choice because he is hard to love at times and I hate the thought of someone being unkind to him.

So after this long winded explanation, I was wondering if medication might help his anxiety and get him to behave a bit better towards Babe and my furniture. The only other solution is get him a kitten because I really think he was at the bottom of the pecking order from where he came and he would love to be someones Number 1, a kitten that does the trick but at this stage I cant adopt another.
So I am just looking for advice about medications and other peoples experience with an anxious cat or any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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