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23 Mar, 2017 - 1:43 pm

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Hi everyone,

I havent posted anything in a while as one of my cats got very sick suddenly after my last post some years ago (- and a belated thank you to the replies to my post re FIV back then)

I wanted to mention a topic today that I have been researching, wondering about lately ..EMR* (electromagnetic radiation) and how it might possibly affect our cat companions.
* I think some people call if EMF..?

I live with a cat who has hyperthyroidism, most likely (elevated T4 etc) as well as other ailments and after talking to a number of vets and a lot of online reading, Ive been following a "health plan" to try and manage it (and his other ailments) .

He often twitches when sleeping but the other day I accidently left a wireless Wifi next to the bed where he was sleeping and I awoke a few hours later and he was having a grand mal seizure.

I feel I have EMR sensitivity and when I am around this particular wifi ( i feel very disorientated and have trouble "thinking straight"..The wifi was rarely used in the past but was often on, including at night, over the last summer

My boy had also had quite a few Xrays in the last six months- at least 7.

We also live near a phone tower which was upgraded not too long ago to 4G.
and his health stated to deteriorate about that time and when a smart meter (SM) was installed (though a few other things happened at that time which I suspect affected his health).. Quite recently the smart meter was activated I think (so as to be remotely read) and he has been sleeping near it more often as its cool in that room in summer. My limited knowledge of SM's is that they "talk" to other SMs in the area ("chatter") so I expect signal bounces about day and night- but dont quote me on it, I really dont know much abt SM's...still reading abt it)

I now wonder if all this EMR (sum total of Xrays, SM, Wifi/wireless gadgets on) has been affecting him over the last few years and, given his weakened constitution, possibly high blood pressure, rather poor health, having the wifi near him the other day then was what "tipped him over the edge" and caused a seizure to occur. (He was also at that time getting a recipe with a sauce that I think had something in it that did not agree with him, his CNS ....have stopped this recipe now)

...also I understand hyperthyroidism has increased a lot in cats in recent years- maybe it is in PART due to all the EMF around now ...?? I dont know, but I wonder...

Ive been researching shields (eg curtains) that are said to help protect against EMR but it seems / I understand one has to VERY careful re how one try to shield from EMR devices as if its done incorrectly it could make the situation worse - eg I think you could possibly,. for example, cause EMR to "ping pong" through an area...

So for now, Im too nervous to buy anything in case I make the situation worse, still studying, researching regarding it, trying to "distill the facts" from all the info I read online etc. (I find online reading can be confusing- often info is conflicting , its partial info, or its simply incorrect, I think.. trying to make an "informed decision"..

Im also trying to find a good, well, and ideally independently, tested, SAFE product that absorbs not shields from, EMR ...not much luck so far.

So for now my boy is not allowed to sleep in the room whose external wall has the SM attached to it, in case it is "zapping him" (and his thyroid, heart or CNS in particular) and affecting him somehow...and Im trying to keep wireless gadgets off or away from him as much as possible and the mobile phone away from him also.

Im wondering if anyone else had a similar experience perhaps or has possibly also wondered if there is a possibly a link between EMF and hyperthyroidism (and possibly other illness's) in cats....I feel whilst its so great in many ways to have all our "modern gadgets" , its also a good thing to be mindful of the possible effects they might be having on our cat friends...

Thank you
Cat Companion
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