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30 Jan, 2017 - 1:51 pm

From: Montrose
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Our cat called Dot is a one year old tabby. She is very socialised and often wants to be with us wherever we go in our home. She rolls on her tummy to allow us to rub it, especially at mealtimes morning and evening and when my wife and I arrive home from work etc. She is affectionate with both of us and during the night will come and sleep on our bed but usually heads for my wife's side. However, she sometimes attacks my wife, particularly after she has stroked her. She will bite and scratch her and then as she moves away will slowly 'come after" her, as if stalking her prey, and try to bite her ankles or reach out with her paws. Dot never does this with me and we can't understand the reason that at certain moments she "lashes out" at my wife. It seems she has a bit of a split personality.

Grateful for any feedback..
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05 Mar, 2017 - 10:15 pm
Help! Im worried my cat is going to hate me

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Hello, My cat does this too. He's only 6 months and will randomly attack me after having loveys. And he will only wake me up in the morning instead of my boyfriend which is completely annoying but when i asked the vet about it, she said its because hes young and wants his mum and everything is play mood even after loveys. Not mention cats are crazy aswell. The vet said they grow out but some cats just have playful nature even though it hurts and they dont mean to. I hope your cat grows out it for your wife's sake ahah😻
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