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31 Aug, 2016 - 11:09 am

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Hi everyone In advance I'm sorry for the long post. So we have a 8 month old male desexed ragdoll. He is a gorgeous and usually loving and gentle cat that is until he smells a whiff off food. He then turns into whinging, aggressive and greedy demon spawn. To give some back ground on him we were given him by a breeder of ragdolls who was a friend of a friend. She had had this cat returned to her twice because of extreme aggression around food. She wanted a home for him where people would work with him and not send him to the pound. Our cat had recently died and our friend suggested us. We happily took him he was 4 months old at the time. He was not desexed we got him desexed at 5 months. He sees all food as his. As soon as food is around he will jump up scratch, bite, hiss, yowl he will attack you and take food from your bowl or your hands. I have to feed him and the dog separately as he attacks her steals her food then eats his own. It makes no difference if I feed him before during or after we eat.. He is so bad I have to lock him away when preparing and eating food. If I lock him away he cries the whole time and destroys everything in the room. I have to walk past the kitchen to get to the bed rooms and when I walk near it he starts yowling for food. I can't even make a cup of tea without him jumping up on the counter hissing and swiping at me and him putting his head in my cup. He has burnt his nose on hot water more than once. I was really concerned that there was something wrong with him. He is wormed and fully vaccinated. I got the vet to do a full work up including bloods on him to be sure he doesn't have a deficiency or something. Everything is normal. He has a good diet of high quality grain free foods as well as high quality wet food and raw meat in his diet. I rotate 3 dry foods for variety Ziwipeak, Wellness Core grain free and Earthborn. At night he either has Ziwipeak wet food, tuna in springwater, raw kangaroo, beef or chicken mince or feline natural. The vet has stated his diet is excellent and he is eating better than most people's he also said that whilst he doesn't need to lose weight he certainly shouldn't put any more on. So he is definitely being fed enough. He is getting a bit porky. We have never fed the cat from our plates or given him any Tid bits at all though I suspect the breeder did as he really thinks he is entitled to all food. He burnt his paws the other day jumping up on the stove to steal food minutes after polishing off his dinner. Lucky for him the hot plate had been turned off for a couple of minutes and whilst he got hurt it didn't blister or anything. Didn't learn anything he jumped back up there the next day. This time it wasn't hot thankfully. I'm really not sure if there is anyway to curb this behaviour or if it is too engrained into who he is. He has lots of toys is played with everyday has a tall scratching post and loves to play with his dog sister. He gets plenty of cuddles and loves to curl up on your lap. She. There is no chance of food being around he is calm and gentle and spends most of his time purring and following you everywhere. It is really only around food his behaviour is a problem. And advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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12 Jan, 2017 - 9:03 pm

From: Murrumba Downs
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Welcome to the forum smile

It's been a while since you posted this.... Any changes since then, or have you tried anything new?

I'm thinking there is something not right with this cat, as this level of food aggression isn't normal. Unfortunately you may not be able to do anything about it, other than adjusting your life around it.

I'm thinking the cat should be crate trained (like they do with dogs), and then you can put him in his crate with a treat or a food toy when you cook and feed your dog. He should be pretty easy to train with treats considering how much he loves food.
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