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01 Jul, 2016 - 12:43 pm

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I have been lucky to get Casper (Shy Timid flame point Himalayan cat ). I have had him for 4 years now and he has come a long way from when we first got him. Casper was afraid of noises, he hides when it is windy or if it thunders he is so scared he scurries to hide. His little hear just races when he is freaked out.
My problem is; we will be moving to Fernie BC and I notice the train tracks go through the town. There is not getting away from the train but I fear for Casper because I know how he reacts to thunder and the vaccum. Do you think he will survive the train noise? Also, I hear when there is a thunder storm the noise is louder because Fernie BC is surrounded by mountains and the noise bounces off the rock and makes the noise louder. I just don\t want to have my cat hiding all day and night. Do you think he will get used to the noise of the train?
He is so scared of loud noise and any fast motion.
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12 Jan, 2017 - 9:06 pm

From: Murrumba Downs
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Welcome to the forum smile

It's been a while since you posted. How did the move go? How is Casper dealing with the noise?
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