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17 Jun, 2016 - 10:19 pm
Cat behaviour has changed

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Hello cat lovers
I'm hoping someone can give me advice.
My daughters cats moved in with me last October - one 3 year old neutered mail and an18 month old desexed female. My daughter went away to uni. The cars appeared to have no adjustment problems whatsoever. They had been raised in an apartment and loved the freedom of coming to a house in a rural area with a huge garden. They were content and happy although sometimes there was some rough play between them which I assume is normal. They both have free indoor and outdoor access but I keep them in at night. They don't seem to miss my daughter - in fact last time she was home they showed no sign of having missed her. However, recently the male cat's behaviour has changed. Where once he used to sit on my lap in the evening very contentedly he now gets up then off and up then off. He hassles the female for a good two hours after I get home from work. He wags his tail a lot. He is not the same cat! Could it be the colder winter weather or what? Apart from the weather nothing has changed.
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12 Jan, 2017 - 9:08 pm

From: Murrumba Downs
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Welcome to the forum smile

Any sudden change in behaviour warrants a vet check up. He could be having some pain or discomfort.
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